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SpaceBall Avenger win95 software

Postby Agent_13 » July 24 2022, 20:49 PM

After many years searching I was finally able to find a SpaceBall Avenger unused, and in the original box. It came complete with all of the papers, manual, and drivers, but it must have been originally sold in tandem with the SpaceOrb360 since it came with the same CD that the Orb shipped with. The Manual only talks about “2 Diskettes”, and describes how to use the “Avenger Launcher” software. The Avenger works perfectly with the Spaceware software, but I would like to document how it worked with the original software, under Windows 95. My goal is to get all of this on a website, as there is no documentation on it that I can find. Does anybody out there have the Diskettes, and would you be willing to image them, or loan them to me?

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